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If you're considering a tummy tuck, cost is probably on your mind. You want to enhance your appearance and boost your confidence, but you don't want to go broke in the process. We understand. Typically, at our clinic, a tummy tuck costs $8, ($7, + $1, for general anesthesia) plus tax. The total cost may vary based on your body and desired results, and whether you have any simultaneous procedures. The average cost of a Toronto tummy tuck is approximately $ CAD. However, the price will vary from patient to patient, as it is dependent on a number of factors, outlined below.

Mississauga Location. Toronto Plastic Surgery Clinic. Home Surgical Body Tummy Tuck. After pregnancy and childbirth, it is not uncommon how does chrome store passwords the abdominal muscles and skin to be left weakened or stretched.

When this happens, typically neither exercise nor weight loss will help; in fact, additional weight loss can even accentuate the problem. The best solution may be what happens week by week during pregnancy tummy tuck with plastic surgeon Dr. Michael J. Weinberg in Toronto or Mississauga. With this procedure, he helps women and men achieve a flat, smooth stomach that appears tight and toned.

Please click OK to confirm you are at least 18 years of age and are not offended by such material. In addition to her three pregnancies, she had undergone tubal ligation surgery. Weinberg determined that the appeara This 62 year old driver was unhappy with the pounds she how much does a tummy tuck cost in toronto gradually gained over a number of years.

She made a commitment to diet and exercise, and to her great credit succeeded in losing considerable weight, but was left with unsightly rolls of loose s Weinberg at Meaford Hospital. An active and youthful personality, she enjoyed working out, walking, running and This 51 year old Toronto mother, who works in the hospitality industry, was unhappy with her breasts and abdominal shape after child rearing.

The challenge with this abdominoplasty was the upper abdominal fold, around the umbilicus. At 40 she felt she had lost her youthful figure and she discussed liposu Tummy Tuck Restores Waistline.

This 32 year old professional woman and mother of twins had no plans for more children. She decided she wanted either liposuction or how much does a tummy tuck cost in toronto tummy t Tummy Tuck Mississauga Patient.

This young woman has evidence in her preoperative picture of a modest amount of abdominal fat primarily below her belly button. Because of her lax, wrinkling abdominal skin, she would not be a good candidate for Liposonix, for example, and for the same reason she was Her large hanging breasts were uncomfortable on her 5 feet four inch frame, and resulted in back neck and shoulder pain.

At 31, after 2 C-sections, this active hairstylist did not like her figure. The C-sections had left an unsightly scar, and her tummy protruded. She found Dr. Weinberg in Fashion Magazine, and booked a consultation. When he examined her, Dr. Weinberg found This year-old patient received an abdominoplasty.

This Sales Analyst from Georgetown, Ontario, was not satisfied with the excess skin on her abdomen, and elected to get a tummy tuck, for the purpose of repairing her muscle wall. She met with Dr. Weinberg for a consultation three times before maki Women and men considering tummy tuck surgery want to improve the appearance of a protruding, sagging midsection. They typically have one or more concerns, including:. Candidates for abdominoplasty are in good overall health and do not smoke. Smoking increases the risk of complications both during and after the surgery.

A tummy tuck isn't weight-loss surgery and patients should be near their ideal weight to get the most benefit from the procedure. Weinberg discusses what is the cancer horoscope advantages and limitations of tummy tuck surgery during your consultation to ensure that it's the right procedure for you. Abdominoplasty is designed to flatten your abdomen by removing excess fat and skin and tightening the muscles of the abdominal wall.

A tummy tuck can be performed at the clinic or at Trillium Health Centre, where Dr. Weinberg served Division Head of Plastic Surgery for more than 15 years, depending on patient preference, extent of surgery, and the patient's general health.

Most of our Mississauga poems about being there for someone no matter what Toronto tummy tuck patients choose to have their surgery at the clinic, with its pleasant atmosphere and all the personal attention of a private facility. As with all surgical procedures, there are possible complications that can occur with a tummy tuck.

Weinberg will discuss potential complications specific to your surgery with you in detail at your consultation. For a discussion of general risks of surgery, review Dr.

Weinberg's Your First Visit page. Weinberg offers the option of what does urine in the blood mean drain-free tummy tuck for qualified patients. This technique has several advantages, including:. Patients move more easily after surgery and avoid the discomfort sometimes associated with drain removal. Weinberg has a reputation for:.

Weinberg is a Royal College certified plastic surgeon, and is committed to helping you achieve a youthful and vibrant appearance. The mini tummy tuck is a less invasive version of a tummy tuck that is most appropriate for patients who have an isolated pocket of fat immediately below the belly button. This procedure involves a much smaller incision made below the belly button. While experiences vary, the mini tummy tuck typically takes only 45 minutes to perform.

Patients are back to work in a few days and can resume normal exercise within 2 to 4 weeks. Whenever possible, the incision is concealed in the lower abdominal fold. In the Greater Toronto Area, the cost of tummy tuck surgery will vary with several factors, including the amount of tissue removed and whether the procedure is performed in hospital or at the clinic. The cost of surgery, as well as other detailed information about your procedure, including any potential complications, will be reviewed in detail during your in-depth consultation with Dr.

We offer patients a variety of ways to reduce total cost of their cosmetic procedures, such as combining a tummy tuck with other procedures. A popular combination is a Mommy Makeover.

This customized procedure combines a tummy tuck with breast surgery and liposuction; it involves a single recovery period and may be more cost-effective than having the procedures performed individually. Most of our patients are ready to return to work within 2 to 4 weeks of a regular tummy tuck. Experiences vary after tummy tuck surgery, but recovery generally includes the following:.

Weinberg will discuss and answer questions about specific possible side effects and complications in detail during your consultation your consultation. Also known as abdominoplasty, a tummy tuck flattens and firms the abdominal area by removing excess skin and fat and correcting the muscle laxity that is often present after massive weight loss or pregnancy. While liposuction is great for removing isolated areas of fat, it doesn't address the sagging skin and lax muscles that are often present after pregnancy or weight loss.

Weinberg often uses liposuction to give his tummy tuck patients sculpted waists and flanks. It is best for tummy tuck patients to be at a stable weight before having the surgery, but there are people who lose more weight — or gain weight — after the procedure. Significant weight loss may result in additional excess skin, especially if your skin has lost much of its elasticity.

Results can also be compromised if a patient gains a lot of weight and then loses it again — for example, if a woman gets what is mini itx case after having a tummy tuck. There how to get rid of cat urine smell on cement no exact answer to this question, but Dr. Weinberg recommends waiting at least 6 months after having a baby before undergoing abdominoplasty.

That's true even for women who have cesarean section births. Most women lose weight after giving birth, and it's best to be at or near your pre-pregnancy weight before having a tummy tuck. The removal of excess, stretched skin will definitely reduce the appearance of stretch marks, but may not provide a total "cure" because stretch marks above the belly how much does a tummy tuck cost in toronto usually remain.

During your personal consultation, Dr. Weinberg will discuss the degree of improvement you can expect. Plenty of new moms have tummy tuck surgery, but it's very important to have a reliable support system in place before the procedure. Helping hands will be essential for several reasons. You will have to avoid lifting your children for at least 2 weeks after the surgery, for example, and you will need to get plenty of rest to help your recovery go more quickly.

Even simple chores can be too much during the initial stages of the recovery, so arrange to have friends or a housekeeper come to your house to help clean and keep things organized.

To learn more about tummy tuck surgery, how much does a tummy tuck cost in toronto our office at Mississauga or Toronto or request an appointment online. Weinberg helps men and women from Oakville, Brampton, and beyond achieve their aesthetic goals. Weinberg does not endorse or lend his name to any specific product, medication, or device. Decisions regarding treatments in a specific patient must be made in the context of a medical consultation.

Monday a. Tuesday a. Wednesday a. Thursday 7 a. Friday a. Saturday how much does a tummy tuck cost in toronto a. Keep in mind that each patient is unique and your results may vary. Michael Weinberg offers all forms of cosmetic surgery and non-surgical enhancement at his two locations.

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How Do You Know You Need a Tummy Tuck?

Drain-Free Tummy Tuck – $ (mini) or $+ (full) (additional liposuction: $ per additional area to be liposuctioned) Extended / Vertical Tummy Tuck – $+. 32 rows · Tummy tuck (drain free or with drain) $ (mini) or $ + (full) (additional liposuction: . Sep 01,  · I can tell you that the Realself average cost for a tummy tuck in your area is between $6, $10, which is around $7,$13, Canadian dollars. Best of luck in your datmelove.comely, James Fernau, MD, FACSBoard Certified ENTBoard Certified Plastic SurgeryMember of ASPS, ASAPS, ISAPS, The Rhinoplasty Society, AAFPRS, OTO/HNS, ASLMS, .

The aesthetically ideal abdomen is flat, toned, and firm. It is also notoriously difficult to achieve and maintain—which is why the American Society of Plastic Surgeons consistently rates Tummy Tuck as one of the most commonly performed plastic surgery procedures.

Tummy Tuck surgery, formally known as Abdominoplasty, can help Toronto-area patients of Dr. Lawrence Tong attain the thinner, flatter, tighter, and stretch mark-free midsection they desire. An Abdominoplasty can achieve impressive rejuvenation of the abdomen, as this body sculpting surgery addresses the three main components that contribute to an undesirable abdominal appearance: loose skin, excess fat, and lax abdominal muscles.

If you are troubled by some or all of the following concerns, a Tummy Tuck could be just the procedure to help you achieve your goals: 2. An Abdominoplasty directly removes abdominal skin and accompanying stretch marks, thus achieving a tighter abdomen with fewer— or even no—stretch marks. When the skin is removed in a Tummy Tuck surgery, the accompanying fat attached to the skin is also removed.

Supplementary Liposuction may also be performed to further reduce any remaining fat on the rest of the abdomen during Abdominoplasty. The medical term for the separation of abdominal muscles is known as diastasis recti.

The central connective tissue is literally stretched out, and while exercise can strengthen the muscles, no amount of exercise can return the muscles to their original position when the diastasis is large.

Women who have diastasis will complain about an abdominal bulge that persists even if the patient is very thin. The diastasis can sometimes be felt when a woman is lying down and lifting the head slightly to contract the rectus muscles. It presents as a gap along the midline where the muscles have been stretched apart.

A recurring complaint in patients with diastasis is that others will mistakenly think that the patient is still pregnant or in early pregnancy. During Abdominoplasty, the muscles are brought back to their original position by stitching the muscles together muscle plication. The muscles are often made even tighter than they were originally. Patients who have lost significant weight are also good candidates for Abdominoplasty.

The presence of extra skin can be uncomfortable, restrict the ability to exercise, make it difficult to fit clothing, and cause hygiene problems. The removal of excess skin and tightening of abdominal muscles can be especially beneficial to patients who have undergone bariatric surgery. For weight loss patients who also wish to address redundant skin from other regions of the body in addition to the abdomen, Dr.

Tong may recommend a full Lower Body Lift to achieve optimal body contouring results. A Mini Tummy Tuck is a variation of the traditional Abdominoplasty procedure that addresses the abdominal skin, muscle, and fat, but to a less extensive degree. The Mini Tummy Tuck is intended for patients who are primarily concerned with excess fat in the abdomen with laxity and bulging of the lower abdominal muscles. Excess skin is not the major component in patients who are good candidates for a Mini Tummy Tuck.

During a Mini Tummy Tuck, redundant fat along the entire abdomen is reduced through Liposuction. The procedure also tightens stretched musculature, but focuses on the abdominal muscles located below the naval. Only a modest amount of loose skin is removed. This has the advantage of making the incision for a Mini Tummy Tuck much shorter than a traditional Abdominoplasty.

Since a Mini Tummy Tuck does not primarily focus on removing large amounts of excess skin, candidates for the procedure should have only a minor degree of skin laxity, and possess good skin elasticity. The benefits of a Mini Tummy Tuck compared to regular Tummy Tuck are numerous and typically include a faster recovery period, less postoperative swelling, and a shorter scar. Tong stresses that an Abdominoplasty is not considered weight loss surgery and should not be viewed as a substitute for a healthy lifestyle built on a good diet and exercise.

Likewise, patients need to maintain their healthy lifestyle after Abdominoplasty in order to maintain the results. When Dr. When evaluating candidacy for an Abdominoplasty procedure, Dr.

Tong considers the following factors, among others: 3. Most frequently, Dr. Tong performs Abdominoplasty on women who have completed childbearing and wish to restore their abdominal region to its pre-pregnancy appearance. However, a Tummy Tuck may be carried out for varying reasons in both male and female patients of varying ages. There is no ideal age for a Tummy Tuck procedure, but patients should be relatively fit and in good overall health. To be good candidates for a Tummy Tuck, patients must have a body mass index BMI that is below 35, and ideally less than Patients with a higher BMI often have significant fat beneath the abdominal muscle layer known as visceral adipose , which cannot be remedied with an Abdominoplasty surgery resulting in persistent abdominal protrusion.

In addition to suboptimal results, patients with a higher BMI face an increased risk of Abdominoplasty complications. Tong usually recommends that Tummy Tuck be performed after all childbearing is completed. This recommendation stems from the intent to maintain the Tummy Tuck results. However, a Tummy Tuck may be performed on patients who might have pregnancies in the future.

Patients who have their Abdominoplasty results changed due to subsequent pregnancy may choose to have further procedures to improve their appearance. The type of procedure would depend on the extent to which the result has been affected.

Smoking is a significant risk factor for wound healing complications after a Tummy Tuck. Tong requires patients to stop smoking at least 15 days prior to surgery, and not to resume during the healing period ideally at least an additional weeks. Patients are placed under general anesthesia for Abdominoplasty surgery.

To begin the procedure, Dr. Tong makes incisions around the navel and lower abdomen. The skin and fat is then elevated from the muscles. Tong tightens the muscles known as muscle plication with multiple stitches, rendering the abdominal wall firm and free of laxity. Next, the elevated skin is pulled downwards; and the excess skin and the associated fatty tissue are removed.

Prior to the final stitching, Dr. Tong makes a small opening in the remaining abdominal skin, corresponding to the position of the navel. The navel is then brought out through the opening, back to its original position. Two drainage tubes are placed in the wound, then the incisions are meticulously stitched together. If the remaining abdominal tissue has a significant fat layer, Dr.

Tong may perform some supplementary Liposuction. A dressing is applied, and the patient is placed in a compression garment. The patient is then awakened from anesthesia and the surgery ends. Tong strongly recommends that patients stay at our facility for the first night following Tummy Tuck surgery so that their healing and comfort can be closely monitored by professional nurses in our state-of-the-art facility designed for premier patient care and convenience.

After a night of specialized recovery care and attention, patients are seen by Dr. Tong the following morning before being discharged to continue recuperating at home. Immediately following the Tummy Tuck procedure, the patient is moved to our post-anesthetic recovery area for monitoring.

Once the effects of anesthesia have worn off, the patient will be moved to his or her comfort-enhanced overnight stay suite. Our nurses attend to patients throughout the evening to make sure they are comfortable and recovering properly after Tummy Tuck surgery. Nurses will monitor vital signs, assess the surgical sites, assist patients with getting up to go to the bathroom, change dressings when appropriate, and administer medications as needed.

They will also teach patients how to properly care for any dressings and drainage tubes prior to returning home. The following morning, patients enjoy a nurse-assisted shower. Tong will prescribe narcotic pain medication to be used during the first one to two weeks after surgery.

Patients are permitted to shower 24 hours after surgery. For the first five days following Abdominoplasty, patients will notice that it is uncomfortable to stand up straight and will be instructed to remain slightly bent at the waist for optimal healing and comfort. To help reduce tension along the incision line, patients should sleep with their backs propped up and with a pillow under their knees.

Tong encourages patients to take it easy and refrain from strenuous activities for at least four weeks following Tummy Tuck surgery. Patients can expect mild to moderate bruising, which may be more significant if Liposuction is performed. The first postoperative visit with Dr. Tong occurs one week after Tummy Tuck surgery. At this time, external stitches and drains are removed. During these visits, Dr.

Tong may take photographs to monitor the results of Abdominoplasty. These photos are strictly kept to patient medical records and will not be used for other purposes without written consent. Like any procedure, Tummy Tuck surgery has risks and complications associated with it. The risks are low, but they do exist.

At your consultation, Dr. Tong will go over the pertinent potential risks and complications associated with Abdominoplasty. Any surgical procedure will leave some type of scar. Tong relies on his extensive training as a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon to minimize the appearance of scars after Tummy Tuck surgery.

The main incision in Abdominoplasty is on the lower abdomen situated at, or below, the level of a C-section scar. This incision extends laterally to span from hip bone to hip bone. It generally heals well and is hidden below the bikini line. In the nude, the scar may be visible depending on the stage of scar maturity. The scar can be placed lower or higher to some degree, depending on patient preferences. A second incision occurs around the navel.

This scar tends to blend in naturally with the surrounding skin, and hides within the natural curvature of the navel. Tong will discuss all incision options and their resulting scars with you thoroughly during your Tummy Tuck consultation.