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Swinging the Bat: How to Do the Muay Thai Roundhouse Kick

Nov 26,  · Swinging the Bat: How to Do the Muay Thai Roundhouse Kick Step #1. Pivot the lead/left leg on the ball of the foot and open up the rear/right hip as you begin your motion. Step #2. As your hip opens and you swing your rear/right leg, point the rear knee toward opponent as you pivot. Step #3. Connect. Mar 18,  · Lastly, the Muay Thai body kick is an explosive technique that requires fighters to remain balanced before and after the kick. Unlike other kicks, that fighters end up in off-balanced positions often with the back turned to their opponents (spinning back kicks, side kicks, etc.), in Muay Thai fighters can balance their kicks to stop on a dime.

The most devastating kick in martial arts is the roundhouse kick. This is in large part why muay Thai has become the preferred stand up modality for many MMA fighters. While muay Thai allows for elbows, knees, and spinning back kicks, the foundation of the art is the roundhouse kick. I started my journey in the martial arts studying Shaolin kung fu.

I love the pretty circular movements found in the Chinese martial arts. That circular high kick and some similar kicks thrown in many martial arts have a particular aerobic and spectacular beauty to them. While beautiful, such kicks have limited effectiveness in a street fight. I have yet to see a crescent kick thrown successfully in the UFC. To the first question, the muay Thai roundhouse kick is so damaging because it uses how to do a muay thai head kick whole body in the same way swinging a bat is ultimately a full body motion.

When swinging a bat, we move through the ball, using our legs, core, and arms. In a similar sense, our roundhouse kick moves across the opponent by using the rotation of our bodies when kicking. This kick generates superior force by weight transfer and connecting to the ground, versus the snapping motion that many other martial arts how to do a muay thai head kick use.

In a muay Thai stance, the feet are generally in the traditional degree angle also seen in Western Boxing. However the body is more upright than in Western Boxing, in order to explode up onto the ball of the foot to throw kicks. Also, unlike boxing, the weight in your stance is distributed more to the rear leg. Additionally, the weight is in the ball of the feet on both the rear and the lead foot, whereas in boxing, the weight is in the ball of the foot only in the rear leg.

With the weight on the ball of your foot in the front, it allows you to easily lift up the foot for a lead left roundhouse or to pivot on the ball of the foot to start the rear leg roundhouse. Once you have the foundation correct, you are in a position to begin your roundhouse kick. This can be performed by stepping with the lead leg to a degree angle or skip stepping to generate more power.

Note that any time a step is added to a kick sequence it takes time, giving your opponent the opportunity to adjust or counter. When pivoting, the kicker is coming up on the ball of the foot completely to generate maximum speed. As you pivot the lead foot, that heel rotates towards your opponent. Power, though, ultimately comes from the hip. Your right hip should fully rotate over the left hip while you swing your body.

This means your kicking hip ends up in a parallel position over the hip of your base leg. Yet another way to generate speed and power is to whip the hand down at what is the book the lottery about side of the kicking leg.

This is done at the risk of leaving your head open to a counter strike, so use this technique with caution. Connect with the shin right above the foot. Your kicking leg should be straight, for the most part, as you make impact. Kick hard how to program my dish remote control fast, and then move.

The commitment of rotating the hips and even whipping the arm down can leave one vulnerable to a take down. Using the roundhouse kick effectively can be tricky in the way that using a powerful right cross in boxing requires being set up.

This is because of the commitment of transferring your weight towards your opponent and the time taken to throw it correctly. Therefore, a roundhouse kick has to be used strategically. When it is used effectively it is how to do a muay thai head kick awesome and powerful sensation in the way that swinging a bat and connecting with a ball gives one such a pure feeling of power and speed. Photos courtesy of Shutterstock.

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Dec 24,  · Right Muay Thai high roundhouse kick best way to clear your opponent of the mat #1. Prepare the stance #2. Lowering your left hand #3. Lift the right knee #4. Exploding of your right foot #5. Rotate your hips #6. Swing your right arm #7. Return to the guard; Professional Tips; Left Muay Thai high roundhouse kick maybe not the most powerful but equally deadly #1. Dec 27,  · Get the Street Defense Academy NOW!: the FULL guide on the Muay Thai Low Leg Kick:

However within the straight and roundhouse types of muay thai kicks there are 10 different types of muay thai kicks that have Thai names and are recognized as muay thai kicks. This is a very powerful kick that aims to strike with the shin against the opponents legs, mid section or head.

The muay thai side kick is similar to the karate side kick and other side kicks used in striking arts such as Tae Kwan Do. As with other side kick types the muay thai side kick involves chambering the kicking leg before firing out the side kick in a powerful thrusting motion to the target.

The video below explains well the differences between the muay thai side kick and the Karate side kick. The main difference being that a forward step is used in muay thai the opposite leg standing leg before firing out the side kick from the kicking leg. The straight foot jab is an effective technique to catch your oppoent and off balance them or to counter their attacks as they close the distance to throw them. It is a very effective long weapon that can be used to control distance and stop your opponent from moving in on you.

Read more about the muay thai teep in another post here. The teep top muay thai kick involves bending the kicking knee and using a quick leg extension to hit the target with your foot.

Usually the top of the foot is used but also the whole foot can be used to strike the target with this technique. This kick can be used defensively to keep an opponent off you or to affect your opponents balance and drive them backwards. The targets are the forehead, nose, face and shoulder of the opponent.

The kick involves keeping the kicking leg straight and driving the kick down onto the target. Muay thai great Saenchai is known for efffectively using the muay thai Axe kick and his great leg dexterity and flexbility allows Saenchai to land this kick effectively. The muay thai Axe kick is not commonly used as it leaves the kicker open to be swept off the standing leg or to be countered quickly while executing the kick. The diagonal kick is a very quick upward angling kick aimed at the opponents lower rib-cage and striking with the shin.

The diagonal kick or tae chiang is very quick and efficient angling up in a 45 degree angle from the floor up into the target. The downward muay thai round kick or tae kod is also used in Karate where it is known as Otoshi Mawashi Geri. The motion is similar to the standard roundhouse kick but requires the kicking leg to be lifted up higher and then angled down.

This requires good hip mobility in order to turn the hip over and get that hooking action. Or with good flexibility the downward kick can be delivered from a standing position against an upright opponent go up and over the guard and coming down on the face or neck area. The straight front kick is a quick upward action kick that can strike with the toes or top of the foot rather than the foots sole.

The jump allows for more power generation into the teep which can be aimed at higher targets due to the elevation from the jump. A great deceptive technique is to raise the lead leg as if throwing a normal lead straight kick and hop off of the rear leg to land the jumping rear straight kick which can knock your opponent down if executed well.

The spinning round kick is a flashy kick but also very effective and powerful. It can be used in a more defensive fashoin when backing up or when tracking your opponent down ina more offensive manner. It is performed mostly with the rear leg and involves giving your back to your opponent in order to generate the required momentum in a spinning action that will transfer power to the kicking leg. This kick requires good hip mobility and flexibility and dexterity in your legs which can all be developed over time.

In general there are two main types of muay thai kicks, straight kicks and round kicks. Post Contents.