how to drill holes in pvc pipe

How do I drill parallel holes through a piece of PVC pipe?

Jan 25,  · Subscribe holes in PVC w. Aug 30,  · Hello Friends,Today I Show You Awesome New Idea Of DIY Tool. I Have Used 1/2", 3/4" And 1" Galvanized Pipe Of 6" Length. This DIY Tool Is Very Useful For Plu.

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Jim C Bradley Member. Messages 4, Location Oceanside, So. Even though it is not wood, it has to do with woodworking so I posted my question here. I hope that's OK. There will be several of these; all of them will be the same so a jig or stop blocks would be very practical to use.

I have tried several things that have not worked well; for example trying to use a "V" block. I just cannot drill so I have the holes exactly opposite each other. What does a tangerine look like first two holes are a "drill through the pipe from one side, coming out the other side. The next two holes would be parallel to the first two holes further down the pipe.

Thanks in advance for any ideas. Enjoy, JimB. Tony Baideme Member. Messages 1, Location Honolulu, Hawaii. Hi Jim, May I offer something to help you? Your "V" block idea is right on, but yours may be too short to keep the holes all aligned as you need them. I have to ask if you are using a 2 inch long piece of 1.

Or is that a typo, and your pipe is actually 2 feet long? My suggestion would be to make yourself a longer V block. You have a table saw, so you can set your blade to 45 degrees and set your rip fence to place the deepest part of the kerf in the center of a piece of 2"x 4".

I have one somewhere but don't have a picture to share with you. I believe you have an auxiliary table on your drill press, right? Set this up so your new V block will place the drill bit right over the bottom of the V kerf you made in the 2x. Place your piece of pipe in the V block, Make a short piece of wood with a couple holes in it to use as a hold down. Screw this into the V block, somewhere near center. This will hold the pipe so it cannot roll as you re-position it for successive holes.

Mark the hole position how to drill holes in pvc pipe the length of yur pipe, and with the V block back against the drill press fence, drill to your heart's content.

All the hols "should" come out in a straight line, on both sides of the pipe. I sure hope I have helped you, and not confused you. Let me know if it works for you. I worked for me, but I was drilling steel shafts. Aloha, Tony. Ryan Mooney Moderator Staff member.

Agreed with Tony, maybe a longer V block. If you put a pin in the block in the center of the V you could put the one hole in that and it would keep it vertically aligned for the second hole. You could also probably use that for spacing layout Messages 10, Location SoCal. The problem comes from the inaccuracy of moving the pipe. Drilling the first set of holes in one end of the 2 inch piece of pipe is fine.

The turning of the pipe to drill the other what is collective bargaining agreement nfl causes some degree of error in rotation. Also, moving the entire v-block has issues in that the pipe is not securely fastened to the V so again, movement occurs. Here's the how to drill holes in pvc pipe I left him with. I assume this was problematic or just too fussy. Whadda ya want? I thought it up over breakfast coffee during how to make masala chapati last visit The two halves would be screwed together just tight enough to make a snug fit for the pipe pieces being slid in and out.

The holes in the top block are the drill guides. The spacer bars would keep "Capt. Flash" from crushing the pipe accidentally by virtue of his super-human strength. Last edited: Nov 9, Frank Fusco Member. Messages 12, Location Mountain Home, Arkansas. If you are using a hand held drill the human wiggle how to drill holes in pvc pipe gets involved. A drill press should make the job simple with the V block. Al Launier Member.

Messages 1, Location Bedford, NH. First of all, consider a "long" fixture, one longer than the PVC pipe. Drill the second set of holes. Thanks to all of you. Yes, it is really 2 inches Tony. Thanks for the correction Jim. Pictures sure would have helped. I know, I didn't provide any for my idea either, Sorry. I am trying to figure out, Glenn, why the pipe needs to be moved on the V block at all, until all holes are drilled, in full alignment.

Is it because of the bit being how to drill holes in pvc pipe short to go all the way through? In that case, just buy a "pulley drill bit" which would have about twice the length of flutes and shank, and would drill through in one pass, negating the chance of misalignment of the holes.

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May 24,  · host Tim Carter demonstrates how to drill holes for pvc pipe fittings so that you don't waste valuable time enlarging a mis-dril. Here is a tip to remember when drilling holes for PVC pipe fittings. If your job requires that a PVC fitting be partial inside a stud, be sure to drill the right size hole. In a prior job, Tim was working with /2" PVC, so he knew that he needed to drill a /8" diameter hole for the pipe. Jun 29,  · DRILLING PVC Because PVC is a soft plastic, you can use both wood and metal drill bits to make small holes, and spade bits can be used for larger holes. To keep the drill bit from slipping, make a small divot in the pipe using a hammer and nail or center punch.

PVC pipe is a versatile material that finds its way into all manner of projects. You can also clamp the pipe to your tabletop in a V-shaped channel cut into a piece of wood, often called a V-block. Because PVC is a soft plastic, you can use both wood and metal drill bits to make small holes, and spade bits can be used for larger holes. To keep the drill bit from slipping, make a small divot in the pipe using a hammer and nail or center punch.

Wrap a piece of string around the pipe and hold one end in each hand. Pull the string tight, and pull the ends back and forth in a sawing motion. The friction of the string against the pipe will cut right through it. You can often find the primer and cement packaged together at your local hardware store. In general, most PVC pipe is not rated for high pressures or rapid pressure changes.

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