how to get rid of an old piano

How to Get Rid of a Piano: Unwanted Piano or Junk Piano Removal

Feb 04,  · So giving your piano or organ away is absolutely the best way to get rid of a piano. This is where Piano Adoption comes in. We connect you with the people and organizations who will take the piano. You can donate to whomever you believe is the best for for your piano or organ. Affordable piano removal services are finally nearby. If you need to get rid of an old piano but don’t want to hurt your back or deal with the hassle of selling it, let us haul it away for you. Choose the best local piano removers around and get an upfront, no-obligation online quote for convenient piano disposal near you.

Please enable JavaScript on your browser to best view this site. We have over 45 years of experience in piano removal solutions. Best Answer: Find someone or a charity that is looking for a free piano. So giving your piano or organ away is absolutely the best way to get rid of a piano.

This is where Piano Adoption comes in. We connect you with the people and organizations who will take the piano. You can donate to whomever you believe is the best for for your piano or organ. Some people only want to offer their piano to a charity or church, this is completely up to you.

People come to our websites day after day from all over the world waiting for a piano in their area. Why would anyone want a junk piano? Many times pianos are used for things other than being played. Restaurants and bars sometimes how to get rid of an old piano them for decor, some people use them for art, and sometimes old junk pianos are even used for photography or movie scenes.

Most likely that piano was a junk piano. Here are some other interesting photos of old pianos being used in different ways:. Imagine your old piano being used in a music video, a movie, or as decor in a restaurant. Its way cooler than having it thrown off the back of a truck in a landfill. Old, unwanted, and junk pianos are being used more and more in recent years now that repurposing things is a lot more common. You what is masters in public health look online for many other ways old pianos are being used, but I think you get the idea that getting rid of your old piano may be easier than you think when you list it on our Piano Adoption website.

The best part of giving your piano away is that the receiver will pay for the moving expenses, and the shipping expenses. Piano Recycling : If you take the piano apart you can recycle the different parts of it and it would be a little easier carrying each part out of the building one by one than to try to remove the entire piano.

This is labor intensive of how to get rid of an old piano, but its an option. Piano Disposal: Hire a piano mover to come pick up your unwanted piano and dispose of it. Not all landfills accept pianos anymore but a local piano mover might be able to assist with that. Please do consider other options first though as disposing of a piano is not good for the environment, and it will cost YOU money to have a piano mover take it to the dump, plus the disposal costs at the landfill.

Lets not forget elephants were killed for that ivory… It would be a shame to just throw it away. Having a friend or family member help you move the piano, this is by far the biggest mistake you can make. Pianos are very heavy! An inexperienced person trying to move a piano will almost always result in regrets. Property damage floors, walls, stairways are most common. Tommy Gaddis 43 died when a piano fell on top of him from the back of what role does a project retrospective perform pickup truck they were using to move the piano from a church.

News article. How to get rid of an unwanted piano, or junk piano for FREE? You choose who gets the piano child, charity, anyone, etc. Change Location Find awesome listings near you! Change Location.

How to get rid of a piano with 1-800-GOT-JUNK?

One great resource for people looking to get rid of their pianos is This is a website designed for people who want to find pianos but can’t afford one. All the pianos on the site are from private parties who have instruments to give away. Feb 03,  · It can cost between $ and $ to get rid of a piano. That factors in the difficulty of moving it out of your home. Ultimately, if your piano can be donated, sold or given away, you should. It makes the most financial datmelove.comon: Wayzata Boulevard, Suite , St. Louis Park, , MN.

LoadUp is growing fast. Check out our career opportunities today. Choose the best local piano removers around and get an upfront, no-obligation online quote for convenient piano disposal near you. When you book with LoadUp, you know exactly how much piano removal costs before you ever book a pickup. With teams of local Loaders across the country, we can even haul away your old piano as soon as tomorrow.

So why wait? Count on LoadUp for fast, easy and affordable piano removal services that are nearby and ready. Book Piano Removal. We strive to remove, donate, recycle, or dispose of all different types of pianos, organs and other keyed instruments that you can name. Pianos are made of parts like wood, steel and iron that can easily be recycled.

If you are able to take apart a piano yourself, recycling these parts can be pretty easy. Booking an eco-friendly junk removal service like LoadUp can help recycle an unwanted piano for you.

We always try to avoid the landfill by recycling and donating unwanted items whenever possible — even pianos! Occasionally churches also need a new piano and would be happy to have one donated to them. We strive to keep as much unwanted junk out of landfills as possible, which means we try to donating or selling your piano first. Exceptionally large pianos often require special equipment and handling that only professional piano movers can provide, especially if there are stairs or narrow hallways involved.

There are specific piano dollies that you need in order to move a piano depending on the type and weight. There is a grand piano truck dolly, upright and digital dollies, a self-lifting dolly, hydraulic dolly, adjustable spinet and console dolly, plus many more. We recommend also renting a piano board or piano skid board to hold your piano in place. You will want to protect the piano keys, piano pedals, plus the front, back and sides with a large, heavy blanket.

Secure all sides with tape. For professional piano haul away, contact LoadUp for an upfront guaranteed price. Disassembly is extra, and depends on the type and location of your piano.

One of our knowledgable customer service representatives will be able to assist you with an upfront, guaranteed quote. Piano removal appointments can be more difficult than other junk removal services, depending on the type of piano and where it is located.

Grand and baby grand pianos generally require disassembly, whereas an upright piano would not. However, if your piano is located upstairs or down a narrow hallway, it might be necessary to disassemble it regardless of size. To determine if your piano removal appointment will require disassembly service, we ask you to send pictures of your piano and its location. From there, our customer service representatives will decide if our add-on disassembly service is needed.

Do you need to get rid of a broken baby grand piano or used digital piano? Maybe you have an old upright piano or an electronic organ that you need to dispose of.

We can haul away your unwanted piano as soon as next-day! LoadUp is your friendly local professional piano removal solution. For smaller and lighter keyed instruments like digital pianos, spinet pianos and harpsichords, we offer a flexible curbside service option.

I needed to be able to count on a large item being taken on a certain day. I needed them to do the heavy lifting, so it was worth the price to get excellent service. I would use them again. LoadUp believes in providing better, affordable solutions to piano removal and disposal, by recycling and donating when we can. Watch to see how our easy piano removal services work below! Unlike traditional junk removal services, our prices are guaranteed.

That means no surprise charges or fees! Choose our total in-home piano removal service, save time, money, and get a stress-free piano removal with us. The U. Simply tell us what junk items you need removed and get a guaranteed upfront price when you call or book online. Select a convenient pickup date and time you want your Loaders to arrive based on your schedule, or choose curbside pickup to skip the appointment and save money.

Your Loaders will arrive on-time at your location and work quickly to haul away your items from inside your home with no price haggling. Once the job is done, you can even rate your removal experience.

Book easy piano pick up and haul away today! Book Online. Affordable piano removal services are finally nearby. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Get stress-free piano removal for all of your old keyed instruments. Frequently asked questions Can you recycle a piano? Who will pick up a piano for donation? Yes, including some piano donation programs that will even pick up your piano for free.

Is there special piano moving equipment? How much does it cost to dispose of a piano? Do I need to add piano disassembly to my pickup appointment? Get help hauling your piano today. Luxury in-home pickup. Convenient outdoor pickup. Verified Customer. Keeping pianos out of landfills is the key to a better, greener tomorrow. Eco-friendly disposal. How It Works 3 Easy Steps. Get your junk removed today.

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