how to learn hula dance sims 2

How to Learn Hula dance in The sims 2 bon voyage (PC) ?

Have your sims go on a vacation to Twiki Island (Bon Voyage), find a place with a wall speaker, when a local begin to dance click on the local and select join hula. Dec 15,  · I find the best way to learn the hula dance is to "find" the secret lot (acquire a map to it, either by chance on a tour I believe, or while at home, keep digging in the yard until you find one to.

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So come visit and take a break in a beach hammock, shop how to learn hula dance sims 2 some local goods or get a soothing massage. The Sims 2: Bon Voyage. The Sims 2. Open for Business. Bon Voyage. Apartment Life.

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In sims 2 how do you learn the hula dance? Have your sims go on a vacation to Twiki Island (Bon Voyage), find a place with a wall speaker, when a local begin to dance click on the local and select. Jan 29,  · re: Hula Dance? You have to wait for the crowd to start dancing and there will be an option to "join in" when you click on one of the dancing sims. Once your sim learns the Hula dance. Hula Dance with the witch doctor, to sims style raggae music.

Asked by Wiki User. First they have to learn it from someone who has been to the tropical islands or at the tropical islands bon voyage and then you can do it from any music player.

Have your sims go on a vacation to Twiki Island Bon Voyage , find a place with a wall speaker, when a local begin to dance click on the local and select join hula. Click on the sims you want your sims to slow dance with and click dance then slow dance. A hula dance is a form of entertainment in Hawaii and other Pacific islands.

A hula dance can be performed either sitting or standing. The hula dance has been part of Hawaiian culture since ancient times. Hula is traditionally taught by a kumu hula-hula teacher in a hula halau-hula school. The hula dance was invented by a man named Ma'tama, he was very creative and imaginative and thought his dance should be traditional.

The hula is a dance form which is normally accompanied by chants or a traditional Hawaiian song. The hula, a Hawaiian dance. Dance that tells a story is the Hula Dance. No, it is Hawaiian. The Hula. Yes, they do but it's another kind of hula dance, not the hawaiian style one.

A dance starting with H is the hula. Aloha: It is dance. Aloha: hui hula [hooee] or hula hui. It is also used for thanking and entertainment. Ask Question. Performing Arts. The Sims 2. See Answer. Top Answer. Wiki User Answered Related Questions. In sims 2 how do you learn the hula dance? How do you get sims to slow dance in sims 2 seasons? What is a hula dance?

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