how to make a homemade marshmallow shooter

How to make a Marshmallow Shooter

Get hands-on with this Marshmallow Launcher DIY project for beginners! Learn everything you need to know with step-by-step instructions and create something awesome! Make the hopper by attaching a cap to the 8-inch pipe. Attach a tee to the other end, and finish by attaching a 5 inch section of PVC to the tee.

Make Somebodys Day! Send Ti Vibes. Learn More. Here is everything you need to know to zhooter a marshmallow shooter or marshmallow gun. What a blast! Do you often ma,e how to keep the homemadr entertained? Grab some extra PVC pipe, because you will want to also make this cool bow and arrow.

And here are some other fun PVC toys to make. Marshmallow shooters are a riot for the entire family. They are great backyard fun and perfect for a birthday party or any outdoor summer party. Or a see who can hit a target with the most accuracy. In fact, once an adult cuts the sprinkler pipe, the kids can assemble the shooters how to get volume with curlers. My kids love to play with the pieces, creating marshmllow configurations.

Make it nice and smooth as this will be your mouth piece. To play with the marshmallow gun, simply place a mini marshmallow into the mouth end of the Shooter. Yes, I said mouth end. The marshmallow will travel all the way through the pipe and shoot out the other end! I hope you love this PVC Marshmallow gun. Here are a few what is meant by internet marketing ways that we have fun at our house.

Have you ever made oobleck? Your kids will squeal with delight at this weird concoction. We also know just how to make a homemade marshmallow shooter all there is to know about how to make slime at our house. A word to the wise: Please supervise your children with this activity. No shooting at people or animals!

Try setting up targets or a bucket to shoot toward, or have a contest to see who can shoot their marshmallow gun the farthest. For more wonderful ideas please be sure to visit her site. Sorry — love everything else I have seen! I actually saw different opinions. Plastic pipe such marshmallo PVC polyvinyl chloride, used for cold water onlyand CPVC chlorinated polyvinyl shhooter, used for both hot and cold water have been around for years, and both are maake for use with drinking water.

I think the exposure is brief with this marshmallow gun. I am thinking to be safe why not wrap the piece that comes in contact with the mouth with tape or fabric. I hope this helps. Thanks so much for the idea! Made these today!

Took them outside to play with and the neighbor kids loved them too! Super how to make a homemade marshmallow shooter to make, especially since I picked up a pair of PVC pipe cutters…done in minutes! That was over 2 years ago—my kids and husband—and any male friend that happens over still LOVE to make creations with hlmemade pieces! We had a scavenger hunt and along they way marsbmallow picked up pieces and assembled them at the end for a war.

So much fun!! Additional Info: Resist the urge to glue the pieces together. Oh, and we spray painted ours. We made these for last Christmas, 14 adults, and yes, there was aiming at people! The neighbors must have had a great time watching us play, scream, run, scream, laugh, scream, and generally have the best time ever!

Seriously, these are well worth the five homrmade it takes to make them! Enormous fun! Our hod people were still too small to use the marshmallow shooters, so they got t swords to defend themselves, or generally poke us as we tried to dodge flying puffs of doom.

These look FUN!!! I have a few kids that would love to play with these. Okay, they would rather just eat the marshmallows, but the shooters would be enjoyed as well. Your email address will not be published. Let me send you my very best ideas, free printables, inspiration and exclusive content every week! Home About New? Start Here! Home » Make » How to make a Marshmallow Shooter. Comments What a blast! No shooting at people? What fun is that? With eye protection on, of course. This is awesome!

I so need to have my husband make these for the kids and one for me, how fun! Leave a Marshmaallow Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

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Your email address will not be published. Hi Jackie, Our paint did eventually end up with some minor scratches in it, but nothing large and my boys were really rough on their marshmallow shooters! Hi I want to make these for a birthday party and was wondering if you knew the measurements you used. Hi, my grandson and I make these to sell at craft show. We use duck tape to decorate them. The book says to use a hacksaw and miter box or a pipe cutter. They used a hacksaw because the pipe cutter sometimes warps the pipe openings.

Sand the cuts. I always use couplers on mine for a couple of reasons: one is because if the child has been eating food you can take the coupler off and wash it out. Yours looks like there are inch pipes, inch pipe, 2-elbows, 1-T-joint, and 1 cap. I bought some off Etsy and my kids have hours of laughing and giggling fun!!

I am now buying one for my hubby this year for a stocking stuffer for Christmas. Keeps em entertained for hours! So I was wondering, how much of a pain was it to clean up all the marshmallows?

Or if you missed some, did they turn into a sticky mess? Hi JoAnne! It really depends on how hot it will be outside as to whether or not the marshmallows will melt and get sticky. The images and content of Happiness is Homemade are protected by copyright laws. DO NOT distribute or copy the content found within this blog without written permission.

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Skip to primary navigation Skip to main content Skip to primary sidebar Skip to footer New? Start Here! Pre-Order My New Book! Pinterest Facebook Twitter. A couple of weeks ago we came across a booth selling marshmallow guns at the Strawberry Festival. The construction is simple and straightforward. No directions here, but you can get the jist of it by looking at the picture. Just load a mini marshmallow into the mouthpiece….

Easy peasy! Let the battle begin! For the record, Mitch can get some serious power behind his marshmallows! Comments Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. I think this could be just as fun for parents as it is for kids… love it. Featured On.