how to make a paper plate scarecrow

Paper Plate Scarecrow Craft

Aug 30,  · full details Nov 09,  · * First cut your tan tissue paper into small squares. * Next put a good amount of glue all over the paper plate. * Have your child cover it completely, with the tan tissue paper squares. * While they are doing that, cut out of cardstock the scarecrow embellishments.

What do you think of when you think of Fall? If you ask a little one, their answers will likely include pumpkins, leaves, corn mazes, scarecrows, and Halloween.

I always loved making scarecrow projects with the kids. But, my favorite was always the simple paper plate scarecrow craft we made each year! This project is so what is a fat32 file system and so much fun! If you are making this with a group of pre-school aged children you may need to pre-cut the plates, hats, and straw.

However, younger elementary school age children should be able to do most, if not all, of the cutting on their own. Begin by cutting out the center of a paper plate. We used the inexpensive and thin paper plates for this scarecrow craft. Next, cut the yellow construction paper into strips.

This is the hay, so cut it into a variety of lengths and widths. Then, use the brown construction paper to cut out a how to name animals in minecraft. After the hat is cut out, you can use a marker or crayon to add a few small decorations to the hat. First, add a small line of glue to the top edge of the paper plate.

Then, place the hat on top of the glue. Now your little ones have a cute little scarecrow mask to scare away all of the crows from your crops this Fall! I hope this fun project has inspired you to make an adorable paper plate scarecrow craft this season! We respect your email privacy. Your email address will not be published.

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Aug 30,  · How to Make a Paper Plate Scarecrow Craft Step One Step Two Step Three Step Four Step Five Step Six Step Seven. Draw a mouth on with black marker. Glue the hat piece behind the paper plate so it sticks up over top. Glue the brim piece on top of the paper plate so it covers the edges of the hair. Glue the sunflower and the crow onto the hat.

The kids had so much fun making them, actually, that I decided to outline how we did it just in case other people would like to do so as well. Check out these step by step instructions complete with photos! Paint the entire surface yellow and then let it dry. Cut two medium sized circles from your pink paper.

I cut a rectangle from the corner of my page first, then cut that in half and made my circles by rounding off the corners of those pieces so things were a little easier to manipulate, rather than trying to rotate the entire page as a whole.

Set them aside for the moment. Cut a square from the corner of your orange piece of paper, about half and inch by half an inch. From one edge of this square, cut an even triangle. Next, cut off one of the remaining points from where you cut your triangle so you have an even smaller orange triangle. Set these aside for the moment as well. I started by cutting a rectangular strip about an inch wide from the long side of my yellow paper.

I cut a section about two inches tall from that and narrowed the sides inward like a triangle, but get it a flat top instead of a point. Then, create a fringed bottom edge by making tiny cuts upwards from the flat cut. Finally, cut a little wing by cutting the shape of an elongated raindrop.

Set all of these aside. Turn your red page landscape and cut a strip about two inches wide and the full height of the page. Cut your piece of brown paper into two, leaving one slightly longer than the other. From your larger half, cut a tall semi-circle shape with one straight edge and one rounded. Then round the corners off of your small half, making a smoothed rectangular shape. Outline the edges of your two hat pieces with your black marker to give them some definition and a cute cartoonish look.

You now have a full hat for your scarecrow. Arrange your five fringed pieces along the top edge of your plate like hair! Glue your googly eyes into place underneath the fringe and use them as a guide to stick down your triangular nose. I flipped mine upside down because it looked better. Use your black marker to draw a smile under the nose and stick down your pink cheeks at either end of the smile.

Put your bird together! Then apply glue to the straight end of the point orange beak and stick it to the back of the head so it sticks out the front. Next, put some glue on the narrow flat end of the tail and stick it to the back of the body, at the other end, so the fringed part of the tail sticks up and out. I decided last second.

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