how to make a plasma cutter from an arc welder

How to Make a Homemade Plasma Cutter Using an Arc Welder

Instead of the usual welding stick, use a carbon electrode that has a sharp tip. The tip of the electrode has to be flexed toward the nozzle. Lastly, for how to make a plasma cutter from an arc welder, attach the speed release compressor hose to the brass plumbing valve. Turn the amp up to 25 to 50 amps, and it will provide you with what you need. Jul 27,  · In this video I demonstrate how I turned an arc lighter into a mini hand held plasma cutter!A big thanks to Soylent for sponsoring this video! Check them out.

Ewlder cutters are becoming the tool of choice for cutting metal. They're quick, clean and easy, requiring less skill to operate than an oxyacetylene torch. However, if you don't make tons of cuts and wflder want to invest in a plasma or oxy setup, you can adapt your arc welder to make plasma-like cuts.

It's not technically a plasma cut, but the air arc cut it produces mimics the plasma cut. Drill agc hole in the cap and tap threads into the hole that will match a small brass carburetor jet. This will allow you to use interchangeable jets to adjust the air spray. The plumbing valve will allow you to adjust the air volume. Insert a carbon electrode instead of a welding stick.

Make sure the tip of the electrode is a sharp, conical form, like a sharpened pencil. Attach a fast-release compressor hose coupling to the brass plumbing valve, then attach your air compressor's hose to the coupling. Turn the xn on your arc welder up 25 to 50 amps. This will provide a very hot arc and excessive oxidation, giving you controlled blow-through in plate metal up to one-inch how to have beautiful skin legs, similar to a plasma cutter.

Like welders and plasma cutters, optimal performance requires precise how to make a plasma cutter from an arc welder and a bit of experimentation. Use caution with the air stream so it doesn't blow molten metal towards you or anyone else. Wear proper skin, eye and face protection. John Willis founded a publishing company inco-writing and publishing guidebooks in Portland, OR. His articles have appeared in national publications, including the "Wall Street Journal.

By: John Willis Grom April 12, Share It. Attach a brass plumbing valve to one end of a one-fourth-inch copper tube. Attach the tubing to your arc welder handle. For temporary use, use ma,e ties to secure it. Things You'll Need.

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Aug 15,  · air arc is no alternative to plasma, plasma is a relativly refined neat tidy prosses think of it as the knife, then there is air arc its the sledge hammer or the thug that just smashes its way through with raw power, its a fantastic prosses for unwelding stuff or simply just making metal go away and the ticker the metal and the more power the neater it seems to get within reason. Jan 11,  · Homemade Plasma cutter And Arc welderEv yap?m? kaynak makinas? ve devresimini arc welder new video How to Make Your Own Plasma Cutter.: Check out new video of the Plasanator on This Ebook is designed for Guys and Gals who like to create tools and machinery. I hope my Ebook gives you hope that no matter how hard a project may seem, keep plugging away until you finish a.

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You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Converting arc welder to plasma cutter. Thread starter fizzle Start date Mar 12, Messages 45 Location Ireland. Has anybody ever tried to convert arc welder to plasma cutter? Barking Mat Forum Supporter. Interesting idea.

Messages 10, Location Kent. Rig Pig Member. Messages 3, Location Narrwich! I think the voltage is too low on a stick set to work as a plasma cutter, I read up on it a few years ago. Plasma sets are getting cheaper all the while on eBay etc but factor in the cost of a compressor too. Messages 1, Moderator Staff member. Messages 6, Location Northampton. Plasma is an entirely different technology in which the compressed air is ionised and is part of the arc, ie it becomes a plasma stream, hence the name.

Ashley Burton Member. Messages 5, Location Northamptonhire. Rig Pig said:. Plasma sets are getting cheaper all the while. Memmeddu Member. Messages 3, Location Italia Sardegna. Carbon arc air This is interesting and I have few questions about because I've never understood how it works because I found various and discordant opinions about About current , peoples say that is required a huge amount of current and I found that is not true Because Arc-Air charts say that smaller rods don't require too much current For example 4mm requires between 90 and A And the gouge will result 7mm wide and 7mm deep Arc-Air invented it so what they said must be true It does require an hudge amount of air and that might be true , but essentially I think that a smaller torch doesn't require the same amount of air that a bigger torch does.

So someone might buy a cheap Chinese K torch and tune it to be used with smaller electrodes The power source , this is the biggest question Everyone say that must be or a big engine driven welder or a big transformer based welder.

Messages 3, Grey Trucken New Member. Messages 1 Location USA. It would seem you might be able to make an adaption that you could plug and play.

This Lincoln post describes the process at the torch end very well. Would just need an official EE to help. Additionally, since alot of these Plasma Cutters come with welders as part of the electronics bundle, the electronics might already exist in the welders and need some external modification to alter the voltage to attain the initial pilot arc.

Just imagine a 5lb box instead of another full blown piece of equipment. Last edited: Aug 15, You must log in or register to reply here.