how to tell how much a pig weighs

How to Estimate the Weight of a Live Hog

Wild boars weigh up to kg on average. In pigs of the Mirgorod breed, the indicator reaches kg. kg for pigs is an average figure. Pigs weigh and more, if the farmer does not skimp on nutritious feed. For good quality pork, a rapid increase in pigs is a negative phenomenon. As for the weight of individual parts of the body of the pig, then on average a pound carcass will have the following indicators: head - kg; heart - g; lungs - g; liver - kg; buds - g.

Want to know how much does your pig weigh? By taking 2 simple measurements and applying them to a formula, you can how to use the blackberry phone a general idea of the live weight of your hog. Having the scale in our possession allowed for us to have a more accurate hanging weight for our records. In years past, we would weigh the broken down sections of the hog on our kitchen scale and then add them all back up.

Ounces and all. It also allowed us to test out the formula for weighing the pigs and estimate what the scale would show their live weight to be. According to this method if you take a couple measurements and then apply them to a formula, you can calculate how many pounds your pig weighs. This trick is so cool! How awesome is it that you can know how much the weight of a pig is without using a scale? There are two measurement to take.

Just makes it easier on you. And of course the best time to do it is while they are eating. Just kidding. All the way to between the ears. Using this method on the day of slaughter this year we estimated the weight of our hog to be about pounds.

Sure enough, her live weight with all of the organs, head, etc… was pounds!! Once the carcass was eviscerated and the hanging weight what the butchers use to charge you by was taken, there were pounds left. For our second hog the live weight was pounds and once she was eviscerated the hanging weight was pounds, just to give you an idea of how to calculate your hanging weight based upon the live weight. That is amazing! I wonder who figured that out. Obviously someone with a whole lot more math ability than me.

I love to learn new things. Thanks for sharing. Thank you for explaining it, I have to pin it! Is there a rule of thumb how to tell how much a pig weighs the difference in live and hanging wait? No it a percentage. How to tell how much a pig weighs Percentage Dressed 0.

Wow, very handy, thanks! I'm going to measure our two pigs later using your method! We have a running estimate contest; I think everyone but me is underestimating! My guess is our big boy Abe is pounds and our little girl, Beth, is 50…will get back to you! Quick question — is heart girth under their armpits where their chest tapers and has less circumferenceor how to get skype desktop for windows 8 back how to trace a restricted phone number certain distance?

Just read how to weigh pigs, great info, thank you so much. I have one to measure and figure out today. Hope that went well for you Mary! New to your blog and i am loving it! Thank you very much for this information. I took my pig to the bucthers the other day and I was not happ;y with the final weight that they came up with.

You see I trust them so much that I leave the animal behind and they tell me what they come up with This time how to tell how much a pig weighs I thought they must have made a mistake for the fianl wight was so little that I thought they must have undercut me by some twenty kg.

Sadly, I've heard of that happening too many times. Or that they'll give you back a pig that wasn't necessarily your own. I'd be so upset. I'm glad this was helpful and I hope that doesn't happen to you again! The hunndred is a factor. Just you take it that it is the ratio that enables you to convert those readings that you get how to open cookies sqlite Pounds. It for instance takes care of the weoght per cubic unit of the animal.

Just use the formula since a lot of work has gone into it. If it works for you well and good, I can tell you that it works for me. I'm now 62 years old, far removed from the farm. I grew up on a family farm and had some of everything. How to tell how much a pig weighs I left home, I still came back to the farm on weekends to help my aging parents.

My dad was a pig farmer, the old fashioned way. He didn't have the large hog producing barns that's pretty common in North Carolina. He had hogs in 4 stages of growth, from breeding stock, new born pigs, shoats, and toppers. Shoats as he called them were mid size pigs but not yet toppers. Toppers were the ones sold at market and would weigh between to about meat weight. He could look at his stock and know their weight without weighing any.

I wish I knew your method of weighing pork back then, just to see how accurate my dad was with his method. I found your blog to be interesting and for a newbie, learn from it. I so wish I could go back to how to recover blocked websites farm. I really miss those days very much. I have read so many articles or reviews regarding the blogger lovers except this post is in fact a nice paragraph, keep it up.

Your email address will not be published. The good news is using these links doesn't cost you anything! You are greatly appreciated and a real blessing! It was money well spent! The first measurement is the length. The second measurement is the heart girth. Then apply those numbers to the following formula: Heart Girth Squared X Length Divided by Using this method on the day of slaughter this year we estimated the weight of our hog to be about pounds.

Comments That is amazing! He does it right behind the shoulder, under the armpits. Thanks so much for your kind words!! Heart girth is around where their heart is. I would say 6 inches behind the front legs.

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How to Estimate Live Hog Weight

IMPERIAL - Weight of your pig in POUNDS Obtain a fabric measuring tape or a piece of string to use as a measure. If using string mark the dimensions on the Place the tape/string under the pig just behind the front legs and measure the circumference of the pigs girth in inches. Then measure the. Aug 07,  · We was a tape measure to figure out how much the pigs weigh, and give you an update on how the pig waterer is holding up.#pigslink to pig waterer video. Feb 19,  · It’s possible to estimate how much your pig weighs simply by using a tape measure (or string, piece of baling twine, etc) and a calculator! By taking 2 simple measurements and applying them to a formula, you can get a general idea of the live weight of your hog. We’ve been using it for several years in order to gauge when our pigs would be ready for slaughter.

A pig on the hoof is a far cry from cooked pork on your plate. Live weight transitions to hanging weight, then cut weight and finally to cooked yield.

But unlike eggs, which will either hatch or not when their time comes, the time to harvest a pig is up to the farmer. How do you determine when to process a pig? Determining when to process a pig has a lot to do with age, feed conversion, and your personal preference. How big an animal do you really want to handle? How much ham do you really need? The first step is to figure out how much your pig weighs now. A local Vermont farmer the next town over figured out a remarkably accurate way to weigh a pig with a string.

The string method uses the length of the pig from the head just between the ears to the base of the tail and the girth of the pig right behind the front legs to estimate the total live weight.

Once the blood and viscera are removed, our lb pig would lose about 70 lbs of viscera and blood in the transition from live weight to lbs hot hanging weight freshly processed. The chilled hanging weight still includes the head, trotters, tongue and other oddments which are generally not sold as commercial cuts. Cooking will take your final yield down still further. That takes your cut weight of lbs down to lbs cooked yield on your plate. Using this process, we can extrapolate backward from cut weight to find out the approximate live weight of an animal.

One of our home processed pigs yielded roughly lbs of cut weight , which means her other weights were as follows:. Hey Ashley, I am considering different methods of raising self-reliance in a rural part of Uganda. The people are basically un-educated, malnourished and children are abandoned because parents cannot afford to feed them or sometimes killed and the officials do not have anything to offer them. Anyways, one thing that I considered is learning how to raise pigs and teach them.

The idea is something like buy two pigs, mate them and train the first person to care for the pigs. After 8 weeks two of of the piglets would be given to another needy person, who is taught how to care for the pigs and the original owner keeps the rest.

Undesirable parts are given to people in the community to consume. Of course there is the issue of in-breeding…but based on this article, I am not sure if this is a cost-effective model for very poor people. What are your thoughts. And lesser overhead investment. With the rising costs of poultry in the meat industry fluctuating as often as it does, how much profit would an average size pig carcass bank?

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