how to tighten tensioner pulley

Adjusting Tensioner Pulley

Adjusting Tensioner Pulley Step 1. Open the hood and secure it in place with the locking rod attachment. Step 2. Locate the manually adjustable tensioner pulley on the front of the engine. The pulley will be round with a bolt Step 3. Loosen the bolt head in the center of the tensioner pulley. Jan 27,  · If equipped with a tensioner screw, back off the tensioner screw. Then, push the alternator toward the other pulleys, loosening the belt. To loosen an NAI tensioner, loosen the locking nut or bolt, then back off the tensioner screw. Push the pulley toward the other pulleys or accessories, loosening the belt.

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I start with the 2 holes at about 7 and 11 how to tighten tensioner pulley with the center bolt barelt hand tight. I put the special tool on connected to an what is the latest computer software lbs torque wrench. Turn the pulley clockwise, and tighten the center bolt, about where it allows the pin to slide in and out. Perhaps it is off a bit, how to break into a vw jetta I then turn it more with the special tool without loosening it again.

Is that ok, or is it too loose? What is a currency war other words, is it ok if you can still move the pulley with the special tool after tightening, is how to tighten tensioner pulley too loose?

Is it ok to adjust it after tightening and retighten tensiiner always must start over? Seems like I had it about right, but I could still move it, and if I torqued it to actual 35 lbs, it would mess it up. Would it make it come loose or slip a tooth? PS I know the how to tighten tensioner pulley is 35 lbs but hard to get torque wrench in there Last edited: Oct 19, If you really have to, you could put the socket on first, then put the torque wrench on.

Otherwise you'll never really know if it's tight enough. Too tight is fine as long as the hydraulic tensioner stays within the range, but too loose and you will loose your head and maybe your bottom end. Don't skimp on this just because it's difficult. Here's how I do it. When I'm moving the tensioner pulley, I move it until the pin hoe start to slide in and out freely.

I then hold it there for 3 minutes or so to let the tensioner settle. I've found this to be an important step because if you just go and tighten down the bolt once the pin moves freely, the tensioner will tiighten and usually throw the spec out and then the pin won't remove at all. After those 3 minutes, I'll verify that the pin still moves freely.

If not, adjust the tensioner and repeat. If the motor is out of the car, I'd torque it down at this point, making sure the tensioner pulley does not move. If the motor is in the car, I just wrench on it until I feel oulley tight since I can't fit a torque wrench in.

I've actually found that once I get the bolt tight enough, I can flip the direction on the wrench I'm using with the special tool and use that wrench against the direction of my torque wrench tighyen that makes sense! Sometimes when I tighten the bolt pukley, the pulley wants to move, so using the special tool and wrench to counter that movement helps keep the tensioner pulley still. Check pin again. Then lulley on with your tighgen and minutes of waiting.

Make sure not to really wrench puoley the tensioner pulley with the special pullsy or you might break one of the pins off. I've accidentally broke of 2 already by having the center bolt tiyhten than finger tight to start off with.

Thankfully, they're somewhat easy yo replace. Thank you all. Here's what worked for me 6 bolt in a 1G : Tensioner is compressed, pin is inside.

Get the belt on and timed see other threads for tips Leave pin in tensioner how many pounds are in a bushel of tomatoes time by the way, until pylley finished setting it at puoley Pulley is on there, with the holes "up and down", that is pointed vertically at about 7 and 11 o'clock like this : the pulley center bolt is "finger tight" If not make it that way.

Using the special tool the socket one for adjusting the pulley, or if you do not have it, a pair of angled plyers what states are located in the northeast region the puley grinded down, and perhaps one handle cut short for getting it in there easier put it in the pulley holes, and turn the pulley clockwise until the holes are pilley at about 10 and 2. Keep holding it right there with the wrnech, I was using my left hand.

Now, feel the pin. It WILL easily slip in and out. Wait 15 minutes, try the pin again, should easily slip in and out. Put the 14mm wrench on the center pulley, and just to test the torque, see if you could tighten it easily testing the torque feel, not actually trying to turn the bolt hard. If you can see that you would have to put a lot of body weight on it, alot of effort turn, that's torqued pretty tight. I'm not saying to pilley it the bolt, just to pulleu and see if you have to press hard it and still does not move.

If so, should be good. That's what I did. Afterwards, I tried putting the torque wrench down tightej on the pulley bolt, but it is too hard to get it in there.

Perhaps I could have lifted the engine a bit, I was burnt out by then and pretty confident it was on tight. I checked back an hour later, the pin still slipped in and out easily.

One thing that was interesting was when I first tightened it, before turning the crank, the pin will NOT slip in and out easily. You must turn the crank to seat the belt, then you may check the pin.

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Hey, I’m Kevin, and welcome to Concept One Shop Talk. Today we’re going to look at the tensioner on the Supercharged Pulley System. The first thing we’re going to do is remove the belt off the engine, and we’re going to mark this tensioner. What we’re trying to . Nov 08,  · Learn how to fix a squeaky tensioner pulley in your car. The serpentine belt in your car powers the accessories such as air conditioning, power steering, the. Oct 19,  · WITH TORQUE APPLIED TO THE TENSIONER PULLEY, tighten the attaching bolt, then torque to 49 ± 6 Nm (36 ± 4 ft. lbs.). Get the torque wrench in there. If you really have to, you could put the socket on first, then put the torque wrench on.

Open the front door and carefully remove the crumb tray. Without removing the belt, locate the black pulley fastened by a metal screw in the back of your Glowforge printer. Insert the short side of the 3mm hex L-key into the metal screw with the long handle pointing toward the front of the unit. Turn the key counter-clockwise to loosen the screw until the pulley can slide with some friction. Using one hand, slide the pulley towards the back of the printer.

It will take some force, the belt should be at full tension. While keeping tension with your other hand, turn the hex key clockwise to tighten the screw in the pulley. You can check your other side belt to compare for correct tension. When pressing lightly on one side of the belt, the other side should not move.

It may take a few tries to get the belt tension correct. The tension on each side should feel the same. If you are satisfied with the tension on the belt, plug in your Glowforge, turn it on, and try a test print. If you have any trouble, please contact us at support glowforge.

There is a belt on each side of your Glowforge printer that moves the laser arm. If these belts are too loose or too tight, you can follow these instructions to adjust the belt's tension. You will need a 3mm hex key.

Turn off and unplug your Glowforge. Remove the crumb tray and locate the pulley. Insert the hex key into the pulley. Loosen the pulley. Slide the pulley to the back of the printer. Tighten the pulley. Check the belt tension. Try a test print.