how to wrap 180 inch hand wraps

How to Wrap Your Hands With Hand Wraps

Wrap the wrap around your wrist once then half way down the previous wrap once then wrap back up to the wrist. For example, if you have inch wraps the method will differ compared to if you are wrapping inch wraps. Weve watched many YouTube videos trying to find the best hand wrapping tutorials for different needs. You can find the best videos below to wrap your hands for boxing, kickboxing, and MMA. As well as for different length wraps.

Learn how to wrap your hands to increase punching power and prevent injury. I learned this from Wildcard Boxing gym. Tested and approved by the pros. The hands are made up of many small joints and small bones that could easily fracture from the impact of repeated punches. Handwraps are there to hold your hand together providing support for your wrists, fingers, knuckles, and the entire hand itself.

The handwraps are there to secure all your loose what causes throat pain when swallowing and moveable bones.

The handwrap fastens all your joints together so the shock is better distributed across your entire hand. You can suffer a fracture if joints are moving in their own direction.

A properly wrapped hand will tighten into a solid fist when the hand is closed. Save your hands for life after boxing! You will need a pair of handwraps. You should avoid any thick inelastic handwraps or handwrap glovesthese do how to wrap 180 inch hand wraps offer the same level of support. The gel handwraps do not tighten your fist when you close your hands.

If you run the wrap down the front of the hand, the handwrap loosens when you make a fist. This provides support for the wrist. If you have short handwraps or big hands, you can how to wrap 180 inch hand wraps just 2 times. Some fighters like having loose wrists for angled hooks and uppercuts. Now over to the side. Now down to the bottom of your hand. Now back to the top of your how to wrap 180 inch hand wraps again. Back to the top of the thumb and now between index and how to wrap 180 inch hand wraps fingers.

Finish on top of the thumb. Go down the palm instead of wrapping all the way around the thumb. Notice how the handwrap changes directions. You can also wrap the knuckles some more.

Finish at the wrist. You can secure the velcro right on the wrist for maximum wrist support. Some boxers like to finish above the wrist so their hand can bend a little more for hooks and uppercuts. A perfect handwrap. Go ahead, admire your work, make a fist. A perfect handwrap will tighten your fist when you close your hand.

Do it right to protect your hands for use inside and outside of the ring. For those who keep asking, these are my favorite handwraps! Sometimes things are too complicated when try to tell with words and one image can tell everything easily. Best source on the web about boxing, i learn a lot from you, keep up the brilliant work up. I have small hands, and consequently my wraps have always looked like a ball of sweaty cotton candy jammed at the end of my arms.

This method is better. I have been waiting on this topic for awhile because I knew I was doing it wrong. I can not wait to try it out! When I first started in full contact sports for me it was Muay Thai, Boxing came many years later I was shown a technique were you layer way too much of the wraps over the knuckles basically layering them from left to right or vice versa without going all the way around until you fasten itrather than doing that later with extra gauze and fastening with tape.

Also can you make a guide on hand wrapping with the use of tapes for professional boxers? Most people I know incl. I like having my hands open because it feels more snug and makes a tighter fit. Great website been following for a while and you got very good points and topics, is hard to teach and motivate at the same time I use your website to have my fighters doing researching and learning, thanks for your time and your insights in boxing. Again thanks and keep it up.

Oh boy I thought I had a good way to wrap my hands, but this one if way better. I never really thought about it like that. I usually put on my wraps with such haste that each time is a lil different but always sloppy.

Fantastic article again. Absolutely mint guide, now I can wrap my hands properly and the guys I box with have learnt from me Legend, the what video game character are you quiz is super informative all round winnner! Wills Sung Putting on the handwraps was always the moment I became a warrior. Thank you. I was wrapping my left hand so I like having it loose for left hooks and left uppercuts.

That will keep that wrist nice and tight for those straight shots. Ive been waiting for this since ive started reading a year ago. Great work!! I am so grateful. Keep it up. I hope you kept what is a stock market crash hands wrapped all that time. Dear Mr. Love it! Is it normal to have many hand wrap lines on my hands when I take them off? Does wrapping your hand tighter protect your hand more? Should I be pulling the wraps against my hand, be simply placing them on my what days are banks closed for thanksgiving, or using an amount of pressure in between?

Who is correct. Thanks for your help! I agree with your son. Comfort has a lot to do with the fight performance, too. J just wrap your hands without trying to pull the wrap tight. Make it snug without any extra squeeze. The wrap will tighten itself once you make a fist, so when wrapping just keep it close.

Just make it snug and comfortable. A very useful article. I think the gym I go to should realy explain the importance of wraps and how to wrap properly. I will practice putting them correctly after reading this article. Thanks for this. I do have a pair of gelwraps I use for light bag work before work in the morning. However, I do use the traditional ones for heavy bag work when I have more time on weekends. The How to wrap 180 inch hand wraps Boxing website is by far the best and complete one out here.

Thank you a lot for doing this it is very helpful. Actually, I found your website while looking for Muay Thai Kickboxing info. I think it would be very nice if you decide to add Muay Thai section or blog sometime in the future. There are many Muay Thai websites but none of them as good and helpful as yours is, not even close.

I have no knowledge of kicking but I do have some Muay Thai friends. Thank you for the support and reading the site. Great instruction!

I love you man. And your website is just great, keep up the good work! I love these. Thanks very much for this Johnny, clear instructions and useful pictures. The method above is for boxers using boxing handwraps and boxing gloves. This is great!

Please help, thank you. I guess you could follow the guide but wrap it less around your wrist, and palm, and knuckles. There are way to small! If the wraps are too small then the wraps are too small. Either you have to get longer wraps, or not be able to properly wrap your hand, or shrink your hand. I will be making another guide on this for the fancy way of wrapping your hands. A puncher with small hands will quite often develop hand problems.

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Cloth Reusable Hand Wraps: The pictured hand wraps are Ringside " Classic Hand Wraps. These are a good standard wrap. There are a few options to choose from when selecting a wrap. There are many brand names selling hand wraps, but it mostly comes down to a matter of personal preference. The characteristics are covered below. Dec 05, use the inch hand wraps and make sure you know how to wrap your hands correctly. the more wrap the better because it'll make sure you dont injure yourself while hitting the heavy bag, etc. iknowthefuture, Nov 16, #2. Tug Green Belt. Joined: Jul 26, Messages: Begin by unrolling your hand wrap to reveal the thumb loop on the end. 2. Place it around the base of your thumb and pull the wrap across the back of your hand. You begin by going across the back of your hand so that when you make a fist it "clinches-up" the beginning of the wrap just enough to make it more secure when you make a fist.

Log in or Sign up. The official Sherdog Store is back! Check it out! Joined: Oct 15, Messages: 13 Likes Received: 0. I am 14 years old, and a little skinny. My hands aren't that big either. Which one should I use? KChen , Nov 16, Joined: Feb 2, Messages: Likes Received: 0.

Joined: Jul 26, Messages: Likes Received: 0. I have small hands and wrists and prefer s. They help fill out my gloves a bit more and I like that I can add extra bulk to the knuckles or wrists accordingly without compromising the other.

I've just found out about everlast wraps which are a nice option that won't break the bank. Would recommend. Tug , Nov 16, Whether you have weaker wrists or weaker knuckles will determine how you wrap. Harukaze , Nov 16, Use ! Fighter , Nov 16, Joined: Nov 24, Messages: 2, Likes Received: 0. Always inch. Good question tho because when I first started I bought the inch because I didn't ask. D1wrestla , Nov 16, Joined: Feb 5, Messages: Likes Received: 0.

Had handsurgery 2 weeks ago as I had a football fuck up my hand a bit this summer No problem until I got hit right on my hand by some guy from Vos gym in Holland Wrap your hands kids.

DoctorTaco , Nov 16, I broke my wrist hitting the pads many years ago. I needed a bone graft and months in plaster. A firmly wrapped wrist would have prevented that. Definitely go for the longer wraps. Attrition , Nov 17, Bashir Ahmad , Dec 2, Joined: Sep 18, Messages: Likes Received: 0.

Who makes wraps as of today?? All I saw was an old link when googled I'm in usa. You can get them on eBay. Ships from USA. Bashir Ahmad , Dec 3, Joined: Jan 4, Messages: Likes Received: 0. Joined: Nov 27, Messages: 3, Likes Received: 0.

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