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Chris Gardner: The True Story Of The Pursuit Of Happyness

Did Chris really almost go broke selling bone density scanning units? No. Chris Gardner never emptied his savings to buy a bunch of portable bone density scanning units like Will Smith's character did in the movie. However, he did work as a salesman in the medical supply field. He sold various products, which were mostly confined to one brand. What did Chris Gardner sell? Based on a true story about a man named Christopher Gardner. Gardner has invested heavily in a device known as a "bone density scanner".

Fatherhood is never easy, especially with the added pressure of finding a bed to sleep in each night. This is the real story behind the movie. Beyond the events of the film, Gardner lived a difficult life before he made his millions. Gardner was born in Milwaukee on February 9, Chris was placed in foster care twice — once after his mother was falsely imprisoned for welfare fraud accused by Triplettand another time after she tried to burn Triplett alive in his home.

In addition, his uncle Henry, a huge influence on a young Chris, died when Chris was nine. One Christmas when Chris was a teenager, an intoxicated What did chris gardner sell burst into the bathroom while Chris was taking a bath.

With a shotgun in hand, he ordered Chris to leave the house. Promptly, Chris ran out of the house naked and soaking wet into the frigid Wisconsin winter.

Gardner said that the event still stays on his mind. Chris was stationed in North Carolina at Camp Lejeune as a medical corpsman. In the film, Chris is depicted as selling medical equipment. While in the Navy, Chris befriended Dr. Robert Ellis, a cardiac surgeon that helped set him up with a clinical research position at the University of California Medical Center in San Francisco.

He moved there after his discharge. Although he was married to another woman, Chris began a relationship with a woman named Jackie Medina. He eventually moved in with Jackie after she became pregnant with their child. Christopher Jr. Although he had hoped to become a physician, he had abandoned his dream when he fully realized the time and money it would take to get there.

He was working as a lab assistant but did not make enough to support a girlfriend and child. However, it was a bit different than it was depicted in the film. Unlike the film, Chris approached this stockbroker in a parking garage while Christopher Jr. The man then followed up and met Chris how to earn online income lunch to explain the basics of Wall Street, altering his what did chris gardner sell forever.

The man, Bob Bridges, not only gave him the lowdown on the industry but helped him organize meetings with branch managers at big brokerage firms. Chris canceled all of what did chris gardner sell sales appointments so he could interview with these companies in hopes of placing into a training program. He did what did chris gardner sell go broke from purchasing the units himself before attempting to sell them.

Also, he sold various medical products, not just the scanners depicted in the film. The products were generally of one brand. One of the most intense scenes in the film involved Will Smith chasing after a man that had stolen one of his bone density scanners. While crossing the street, he is hit by a car and becomes quite emotional. This did not actually happen.

Gardner never mentions it how to delete cupid account in facebook his book nor has he mentioned this in any of the numerous interviews that he has given. It what did chris gardner sell just a piece of dramatic imagination drummed up by screenwriter Steve Conrad. Hutton training program turned into nothing when the hiring manager was fired. He continued to apply to other programs, but his personal life was also in shambles.

His relationship with Jackie reached a head when she tried to run off with Chris Jr. While trying to take Chris Jr. That was added for dramatic effect. He did befriend a broker named Marty that helped him along the way. However, after his spat with Jackie, What does filthy few mean hells angels arrived back at home from prison to find an empty apartment as Jackie had taken their son to the East Coast.

The movie got one thing about his Dean Witter interview correct — he did not come dressed appropriately. His spat with Jackie landed him in jail for ten days. Chris had his interview the next day and only had a Members Only jacket and sneakers splattered with paint to wear.

Albanese the truth about his appearance sans the jail part. It was not the full salary that brokers make, but it was more than enough for a man selling medical equipment. Soon enough, Chris would understand what it meant to make the big bucks. Chris and Jackie decided that it was best for Junior to stay with his father. However, this caused another major issue.

Even though he was employed, the building that Chris was living in did not allow children. They would have to find alternative living quarters. Embarrassed by his situation, Christopher decided to keep both his son and his homelessness a secret from his co-workers.

Many nights they had to choose between money for food or money for shelter, frequently choosing food. By prioritizing food over shelter, the dynamic duo had to constantly look for new and creative places to stay so Christopher could save up for permanent housing.

In reality, Christopher Jr. The film producers and writers decided to make him five years old so he could have more meaningful interactions with Chris Sr. Gardner approved of the change because he realized they could tell his story better. Jaden Smith was seven at the time he played Chris Jr. In the film, while they were still homeless, Chris Jr.

Gardner was giving Chris Jr. Christopher was willing to go to great lengths to find places to sleep. This is accurately depicted in the What is the windmill exercise Pursuit of Happyness.

They only slept on the floor for a couple of nights, but made the most of the BART for shelter. They would also sleep on the BART trains.

To prepare for the film, Chris took Will Smith to see the actual bathroom in which he slept with Chris Jr. Gardner told Smith that it made him uncomfortable to be in there for too long, but Smith decided to take in the what did chris gardner sell after Chris left the restroom. Money was tight for Chris, so he had to get creative in how he earned a buck here and there. On several occasions, he gave blood for cash. It did not get him much, but it was better than nothing.

Chris never felt good about giving blood for money because it allowed him to see desperation at a whole new level — not only from others that he considered below him but from himself as well. As he was attempting to scrape together money, Christopher learned of a scam to earn some bills. One day, Gardner saw a man fighting with a vending machine for cigarettes in a hotel.

When the man went to the front desk and asked for a refund, they obliged. Over the next two weeks, Chris adopted this into a ploy of his own. Like the film, Chris did frequent the Glide Memorial Church for shelter. One thing the movie did not detail is that the church only took in homeless mothers with kids. Reverend Williams played himself in the film too.

Chris felt indebted what did chris gardner sell Reverend Williams and vowed to pay him back for sheltering them. Chris truly cherished the help that Reverend Williams gave to him. Not only did he appreciate him offering shelter, but Chris was moved by his words too.

Chris was a natural during his training program and was one of the best performers in the program. Early into the program, he passed his Series 7 Exam which allowed him to become a full employee at the company. Bear Stearns was impressed with his work and tried to recruit him. In the end, he was hired by Dean Witter thanks to his sensational work ethic.

He made around calls, coming in early and staying late each day. The Pursuit of Happyness made it seem as if only one person from the training program could be hired by the company.

In fact, Dean Witter welcomed any of their trainees to join the company so long as they passed the licensing exam. It was a good start to his stockbroker life. InGardner published an autobiography detailing his struggle and rise titled The Pursuit of Happyness. One part that is left out is that he has another child. After the events of the film, Christopher and Jackie began speaking again.

She quickly became pregnant with their second child. Jacintha Gardner was born in InChris jumped across the country to New York. After two years in New York, Chris had had it and decided to move to Chicago.

The move to Chicago was not only great for Chris professionally, but also personally. After struggling to make ends meet, he was now employing people of his own. In addition, the move to Chicago allowed Christopher to move Chris Jr. While he dealt with the pressures of managing a firm, he had many relatives in nearby Milwaukee to help out with the kids. Gardner did such a great job of putting on a facade of normalcy for his son that Christopher Jr.

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Sep 01,  · Although Chris did sell medical supplies, the film’s writers added the part in which Chris put his life savings into some portable bone density scanners. He did not go broke from purchasing the units himself before attempting to sell them. Also, he sold various medical products, not just the scanners depicted in the film. Oct 30,  · In , Gardner earned millions of dollars from the sale of his stake in Gardner Rich & Co. With this, the once-homeless father was able to found Christopher Gardner International Holdings. Chris also makes a lot of money from his books which include the Pursuit of Happyness. Jul 07,  · In , he sold off his minority stake in the business for a six-figure sum and established Christopher Gardner Holdings. He became CEO of the new company, which was based out of New York.

Chris Gardner is a self-made African-American millionaire, investor, author, international speaker and stockbroker. In a world where suicide and anger are crowning the frustrations of people, the life-changing story of this black man enlightens many that nothing has the power to break you without your consent.

Born as Christopher Paul Gardner, the businessman, and entrepreneur through his life experiences emphasizes the need for everyone who has hit rock bottom, that being beaten down by life is inevitable but what is not is staying down. Chris Gardner did not have the basic foundation any child would love to. His story is a similar story of many children in the United States and the world at large. As contained in his memoir, Chris was born on February 9, , in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

He never knew his biological father till he was a dad himself. Sadly, his relationship with his stepfather was appalling. He describes it as an abusive one. On two occasions, he and his half-sisters were subjected to foster care.

Summing it all up, Chris grew up a broken child with no father figure to look up to. Along the line he had a short-lived interaction with an uncle in the army; a man who gave Chris a reason to be better. As much as he hoped for a better future, Chris still dabbled in alcoholism. Nevertheless, he kept living, pushing through all odds to have a definition different from his awful past record. Thanks to Uncle Henry, Chris enrolled in the army and served as a corpsman. Married at 26, the reality of pursuing a medical career at the time was far off.

Meanwhile, he was involved in an extra-marital affair with a dental student, Jackie Medina who would later become the mother of his 2 children.

In time his finances could no longer carry Jackie and their son. As everything else was falling apart in his life, Jackie left him and 4 months later brought back their son, Christopher Jarrett Gardner Jr. Chris became an intern in a stock brokerage firm but things were no better for him at the initial time. While they moved from place to place, Chris was painstakingly saving money for a rental house in Berkeley.

He had promised himself he would be the best father there could ever be, contrary to his childhood experiences. Having been abandoned by his father, he vowed never to do so to his son. Not even his colleagues were aware that Chris and his son slept wherever they found safe day after day. He recalls both of them sleeping in public transports, parks, motels and even the office after work hours.

He would work so hard and late, partly for that reason. Chris was determined to get out of his situation. His turning point came when he met a stockbroker in a red Ferrari, Bob Bridges.

Courtesy of this meeting, Chris enrolled in a training program at E. From then on his story experienced a turnaround. His path crossed with his former girlfriend, Jackie and they had another child, Jacinta Gardner.

Looking back at the hurdles and the disappointments, Chris Gardner says he would never trade a moment of those times for anything in the world. Spiritual genetics filled him with faith and hope that it will all get better someday. The international motivational speaker says his lifelong mission now is to uplift distressed people through his speeches, books, counseling and philanthropic donations. Chris has made a conscious decision to give to the world what he never got from anyone.

Though we have mentioned the names, we would like you to familiarize with them. Chris got married to Sherry Dyson in The marriage, however, hit the rocks after 3 years, when the couple got separated. It was not only about an affair; another reason for their separation was the fact that the couple grew apart after Gardner abandoned his dreams of majoring in the medical field.

But to shed light on the infidelity, the stockbroker was involved in an extra-marital affair with a dental student, Jackie Medina with whom he had his two children; Christopher Jarrett Medina Gardner and Jacintha Darlene Gardner Already separated couple; Chris and Sherry, were officially divorced in With this, the once-homeless father was able to found Christopher Gardner International Holdings. Chris also makes a lot of money from his books which include the Pursuit of Happyness. Sign in.

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