what does a. d. d stand for in the song sail

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Feb 10,  · A.D.D-Attention deficit disorder,- owesome song i m listening listening and listening. My boyfriend at the time Sail was first released told me about the song & Awolnation. I'd never heard of them before. My guy, who loves to be called Simple Simon has ADD. I love him so much and believe that our love for Awolnation brought us together. I hope Songfacts puts up more songs by this band. They have only 3 posted now & that's not right.

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When I listen to songs, once I get to the part I like, I skip it. He has A. I think its a song about all the excuses people make up when they don't want you to sail away. Trending News. Amid grocery store what does a. d. d stand for in the song sail, workers have suffered. Funeral to praise Philip's 'courage,' support for queen. Rodgers as 'Jeopardy! Yankees fans pelt field with baseballs, halt game.

Jake Paul said he has 'early signs of CTE'. Pentagon confirms leaked UFO photos, video are real. Reality star wishes A-Rod, J. Lo 'the best' amid text drama. CNN anchor fights tears during her final sign-off. Looking for incentive to move? Terry Crews describes how therapy saved his marriage. The title says it all. Answer Save. Attention Deficit Disorder. How do you think about the answers? You can sign in to vote the answer. D-Attention deficit disorder,- owesome song i m listening listening and listening.

Tina Lv 4. But not in this song. Still have questions? Get your answers by asking now.

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There is obviously Attention Defeceit disorder, but the ADD the vocalist s referring to is Alcohol & Drug Dependancy. Doesn't that make more sense with the other references he makes in the song? Alcohol & Drug Dependancy affects people in a lot of ways, all of which are addressed subtley within the song.4/5(44). "Sail" is a song by American rock band Awolnation. It was released as a single on November 8, The song was first featured on the band's debut extended play, Back from Earth, and was later featured on their debut album, Megalithic Symphony. The song was written and produced in Venice, California by group member Aaron Bruno, with Kenny Carkeet performing the audio engineering. "Sail" is the band's most commercially successful song Genre: Electronic rock, alternative rock, industrial rock, . I'd been on medication before and felt it had suppressed my inner self ("maybe I should cry for help maybe I should kill myself "). The song seemed to me like his inner self communicating with his outward consciousness. I saw it as follows: SAIL! (This line always a plea from the .

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Sail song meanings. Add Your Thoughts Comments. General Comment "this is how I show my love" - because he has ADD he shows his love in ways that might not be recognizable to those without experience with intellectual disabilities. While his actions might be interpreted as callous by others, it's still valid to him because that's how he shows his love even if it's different than how others might show their love.

People with intellectual disabilities often express things in ways that "normal" people would interpret as callous. If you didn't know that they had different brains you would be very hurt by their words or actions. He feels so apart from others, and especially the person that he loves, that he questions his own human-ness. His ADD makes him feel like he's so far from being human that he's not even human, and because of that she can't be the same breed that he is. He's trying to figure out whether it's that he won't listen or can't listen or just appears to not be listening.

Sail - like the tone of the song creates a sense of lightness and freedom, like floating away. Both an expression of what he'd like to feel ease, freedom, carefree and what he is supposed to make a loved one feel like. Should he "sail" away by leaving her? Should he "sail" away by leaving earth? Should he "sail" away by killing himself? Should they "sail" together by her blaming his ADD for behaviour that she would not tolerate from a loved one?

StarBar on January 23, Link. There was an error. Haha-- ADHD is not an "intellectual disability. If anything, it is a "interest disability.

It can be devastating to relationships and almost every other facet of life, especially when you get older. Other than that, I agree with a lot of what you thought this song means. Sorry for the after school special, but I thought it just sounded funny.

ADD is not an intellectual disability. Intellectual disability is the so-called non-offensive term for mental retardation. For example, used in a sentence, "Our politically correct society has become intellectually disabled.

ModestMouse2 on March 29, This is transparently projection on the writer part. If you give love you do it for the other person. If you are "showing love" your way then you are deluded and simply justifying your own selfishness. If you really love you show it in universal ways.

Honesty generosity gentleness forgiveness helpfulness etc etc mitch77 on March 31, Instead they have created several branches under ADHD that, if diagnosed, you might fall under. As someone who suffers with ADHD myself not so much the hyperactive but the inattentive side of it I agree with StarBar that it is an intellectual disability.

I also agree with madpauly that people with ADHD are sometimes smarter, more creative, and in most cases misunderstood versus what society considers "normal" people. It saddens me to say that not only do I believe StarBar's translations of each verse that he quoted are spot on, but I also feel that my life in its own individual ways relates to everything he stated almost verbatim.

Thanks StarBar for giving me the most logical insight of this song's meaning. Toddwsocks nailed it. The person who is commenting on ADD and it screwing with how one shows love is grossly overthinking it - I have ADD and its attention deficit disorder, not Asburgers or Autism. I have no problems expressing my love, nor do other folks. Completely different story. But I'm happily married with 2 kids, and ADD tends affect the ability to hold down a job successfully more than it does expressing love.

If Kingsmalls feels how he does, he might have other issues than ADD ADHD , and it might behoove him to go see a clinical psychologist to see if he suffers from chronic depression, something that would cause the symptoms he is expressing. Jvarner77 on May 25, Starbar's analysis makes the most sense to me, but I also feel like the song is using it as an excuse like "Oh, I messed up, it's not my fault I have ADD I can't help the way I act. I get where you're coming from, but something that I learned in counseling is that everybody has different "love languages", ways they show and receive love.

Personally I enjoy being complimented and such, but my wife could care less for the most part. She needs actions to feel loved. If you have ADHD, I'm sure you can imagine how difficult it may be to show someone you love them, when doing so encompasses not screwing up.

In many relationships including mine, those seem things that you mentioned like not being able to keep a steady job, turn into issues of love.

I being ADD, think that star bar hit the nail right on the head. The shitty part of this song is that every single part of it i am going threw on a daily basis. My angel, is now my ex, who feels because of my add, i can't be dad to these kids. I just want to say that starbar hit it right on the head.. ADD is a specail thing as well. We have allot of strengths that other people would die to have. I think you are all freaking retarded!!!! What the hell! Sometimes I have felt down in the dumps, and overwhelmed in life, but not because of ADD although, yes it does add to stress sometimes but every "normal" human feels that way at times.

Goodness gracious. ADD is an attention deficit disorder! I think you are the one who has an intellectual disorder! Feeling like a different breed is probably because he feel like his mind works differently, but not retardly sure, but I promise he doesn't feel like he's inhumane because of his ADD.

OH and ADD people are not callous! Sure I am right now, but still you kind of pissed me off and I'm not even like screaming or cussing. ADD people aren't mean people that can't help their reactions to people. ADHD, but that's just cause of the hyper activity, that doesn't mean they are callous people either, and they are normal people, they don't have behavioral problems, neither do I! He knows that just cause he has an issue doesn't excuse his behavior. Sometimes it would be nice to just give up and say, well I can't do it, but it's not my fault I have ADD.

I know this from experience! Sometimes you hit a wall and you can't get over it, and it's not your fault, but others times you really weren't trying. ADD medication helps you focus, but it doesn't motivate you, you still have to do that yourself! I have struggled alot because of this personally. I am also a perfectionist so when I do fail it's hard to recognize the line between what wasn't my fault and accepting it and what was, and forgiving myself and being better next time.

However, none of this has gotten in the way of my relationships with people! Only school and housework. The only thing that makes relationships hard is not telling people you have ADD. Also, ADD medication is a stimulant and can be abused like anyother drug. It can deprive you of sleep if you take it at night and then all sorts of crazy side effects happen! But that's because you are abusing it! The times i felt the most out of hand, crazy I hate life I am overwhelmed I want to kill myself is when i was using the medication like a drug!

Any one taking drugs would feel the same! DOn't be stupid!!!! StarBar I think you hit the nail on the head. I relate very much so. I in fact have ADD which is why i feel i can really connect with this song because it is very frusturating at times. ADD is a learning disability and it makes it extremely hard to focus.

SailblameitonmyADD on June 19, Interesting interpretation except for stating ADD is an intellectual disability. I'm thinking you might have meant to say brain disorder. They are essentially wired directly. Intellectual disability is a below-average cognitive ability with three 3 characteristics: 1. Intelligent quotient or I. Significant limitations in adaptive behaviors the ability to adapt and carry on everyday life activities such as self-care, socializing, communicating, etc.