what does pps mean in a letter

P.P.S or P.S.S? What would you put after a letter? (easy points!)?

P.P.S. is defined as an additional comment or "postscript" which is added to a letter. An example of P.P.S. is when a girl adds "P.S.: I love you." and then adds "P.P.S.: I miss you." on the bottom of a letter. / ?pi?.pi??es / used when an extra short message is added to the end of a letter after a message has already been added: PS I forgot to invite you to our party next Sunday at six. PPS Please tell Ellis that .

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A postscript, abbreviated PS, is writing added after the main body of a letter or other body of writing. The term comes from the Latin post scriptum, an expression meaning "written after" which may be interpreted in the sense of "that which comes after the writing". A postscript may be a sentence, a paragraph, or occasionally many paragraphs added, often hastily and incidentally, after the signature of a letter or sometimes the main body of an essay or book.

In a book or essay, a more carefully-composed addition e. An afterword, not usually called a postscript, is written in response to critical remarks on the first edition. Sometimes, when additional points are made after the first postscript, abbreviations such as PPS post-postscript and PPPS post-post-postscript are used, though only PPS has somewhat common usage. Answer Save. This Site Might What does pps mean in a letter You. PS means post script after writing The PPS is not acceptable, but means post post script after, after writing.

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May 30,  · In the old days before personal computers, when people wanted to add something to a letter they had already ended, they would add a “postscript” (from Latin post scriptum, meaning “that which comes after the writing”). These postscripts were introduced with the label “PS” or “P.S.”. When they wanted to add something else after the postscript, it was labelled “PPS” for “post postscript.”. Aug 31,  · Rather, the correct way to write this abbreviation is “PPS” for “post-postscript” or “after what comes after the writing”. This continues to PPPS, PPPPS, and so on. Also note, both forms “P.S.” and “PS” are considered correct, though the latter form, without the periods, is considered the preferred method today as “postscript” is now considered one word. PPS is an abbreviation for 'post-postscript' used in letters and memos. It means what comes after the writing. "PPS: Do not forget to buy the shoes I asked for!" PSS is .

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The word in the example sentence does not match the entry word. The sentence contains offensive content. Cancel Submit. Your feedback will be reviewed. PS I forgot to invite you to our party next Sunday at six. PPS Please tell Ellis that he's welcome to come too.

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