what is the two bucket wash method

What Is The 2 Bucket Wash Method? Keep Your Paint Scratch Free:

The 2 Bucket Wash Method is a way to wash your car safely without creating scratches or swirl marks in your paint. It uses 2 separate buckets – one for soapy water and the other to rinse your wash mitt before dipping it back in. Jul 28,  · The “two bucket method” of washing a car is a simple and organized way of washing your car right at home! The purpose of this method is to remove as much dirt and debris as possible from the exterior of your car.

What is it, how it works, and why you should absolutely be using it on your next detail are just a i tell you what you have to do of the points we'll cover in this post. To help walk us through some of the talking points we've employed a very special guest; Jay's McLaren P1!

There were only of these "rocket ships with wheels" ever made! This was the VERY. Jay ordered it in the amazing McLaren Volcano Yellow. Enter the two-bucket wash method.

A somewhat new tactic in the detailing arsenal, this is hands down the first line of defense when it comes to cleaning and detailing a car where you want to avoid leaving scratches and swirls in the paint. Why does it work, and why should you bother with it? The problem arises when your wash mitt touches the paint. This is where you have the highest potential to impart swirls and scratches into your paintwork.

See the issue here? This method only serves to saturate your mitt more and more with dirty water, that you then end up scrubbing back into the surface of your car. With each trip to the bucket, you want to rinse your mitt of as much dirt as possible in a second, clean water rinse bucket. Then dunk your mitt back into the soapy wash water. Start from the top of the car, and work your way down so you finish with the rocker panels last. Dunk your mitt in what is the primary responsibility of a member of congress rinse water after every couple of panels, then dunk it back into your wash bucket to what is the two bucket wash method it up with suds again.

Try to utilize the grit guards and washboard to help knock as much dirt out of the mitt as possible. With the P1, we took an extra couple of steps to help avoid scratching. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Some were ok, Some were not so good. One thing for sure, elbow grease and time were an absolute! I had met Jay at a car show here in Cleveland, heard he had car wash and detailing products, and decided to give them a try. The extra cost is absolutely WORTH the results in cleaning, shine, and durability in the products lasting shine!

I cannot say enough! Thank you Jay for the car show, You, and your products!! You are absolutely a class what is the two bucket wash method guy! And the products match!!!

And this now ongoing blog of detailed cleaning tips has me convinced. As you continue to wash, your mitt picks up more and more dirt from the surface. One is your rinse bucket with only clean water, the other is for your soapy wash water.

You can label your buckets if that helps, we use alternating colors to help us keep track. A quality wash mitt. We like to use a microfiber chenille a fancy way of saying long string-y things mitts. We find that they help lift and trap dirt away from the surface nicely, but also release the trapped dirt easily when dunked into the rinse bucket.

And of course the wash shampoo of your choice. We went with Vehicle Wash for the P1. Chris Walters. Subscribe Sign up to get the latest on sales, new releases and more ….

What is the two bucket method

Nov 01,  · What is the 2 Bucket Cleaning method? It is a cleaning method where two separate buckets are used (instead of one) at the time of washing your car. One of these buckets contains a shampoo solution, while the other is filled with clean water that is essentially used as a rinse bucket. Why do the experts recommend the 2 Bucket Cleaning technique? Sep 04,  · NEW UPDATED VIDEO:datmelove.com?v=0ghqaY4LAvgAll those swirls and scratches are hard evidence that you have been washing your car incorrectl. Car Wash Buckets. I recommend two (or even three if you want a separate bucket for the wheels) white five gallon buckets for swirl free washing, one of the greatest ideas to come along is the two bucket method of car washing. As the name impl ies you use two separate buckets to wash your datmelove.com Size: KB.

The 2 Bucket Wash Method is a way to wash your car safely without creating scratches or swirl marks in your paint. It uses 2 separate buckets — one for soapy water and the other to rinse your wash mitt before dipping it back in. The 2 Bucket Wash Method has been considered the safest way to wash your vehicle for a long time.

For years, people would use 1 bucket to wash their car — simply fill it with soapy water, throw your wash mitt in and go.

As more and more detailers paid attention to what was going on, they realized that contamination is a big concern when washing your car.

Using 1 bucket alone causes you to pull dirt and grime off of your paint and introduce it right back into your wash bucket. Every time you wipe your paint, you are introducing friction wiping with abrasives dirt. That is a very fast way to create swirl marks and scratches. The idea behind the 2 Bucket Method is to add an extra bucket of rinse water to your system. After wiping your car with soapy water, you simply dunk your mitt into a separate bucket filled with clean water.

This rinses the contaminants that just came off your paint out of your wash mitt. Using 2 buckets allows you to keep your soapy water much cleaner, which in turn reduces your chances of scratching your paint due to contamination. So how do you use the 2 Bucket Wash Method properly? Why would I all of a sudden want to introduce a 3rd bucket? The 3rd bucket is for, you guessed it, your wheels. Wheels have a ton of brake dust on them.

You can never cross-contaminate any of the items used on your wheels with the ones you use on your paint. This is really important. So yes, technically the 2 Bucket Wash Method should use 3 buckets. You can put together any products that you prefer. There are other ways to wash your car that are also considered to be safe in terms of scratching. Believe it or not, you can do so while using just 1 bucket!

The key is to minimize contamination where the dirt from your car stays in your wash mitt or towel while you continue to wipe the whole car. You can use this method with a single bucket of soapy water or with a rinseless wash.

You can read more about rinseless washes here: It really comes down to your personal product preference and again, how dirty the vehicle is. I have been using three buckets for ages. Cheap wash soap in my wheel bucket and expensive stuff in my car washing bucket! No need to spend a bunch on a seasonal wheel mitt. I usually replace my expensive woolen car wash mitt every year and the hand-me down is used on the older SUV. Good way to rotate through and keep my black car mitt pristine.

Why should you use the 2 Bucket Method? What is the 2 Bucket Wash Method? Fill 2 separate buckets up with water and put a Grit Guard in each one. I recommend using a different color Grit Guard for each bucket to make it easier to identify which is which. Add soap to your wash bucket and leave your rinse bucket with just clean water Pre-rinse your car with either your hose or a pressure washer.

This will get the majority of dirt off before you even touch it Dip your mitt in your soap bucket and begin washing your car. Start from the top down. Before reaching back into your soap bucket, rinse your mitt in the fresh water bucket. Now you can head back into the soap with a clean mitt. Continue this process around the entire vehicle.

Ratings For Each Generation. MikeO3 March 21, at pm. Canadian Gearhead March 22, at am. I do everything you mentioned as well. Great way to save some money on the wheel stuff!